An Adventure in Epicurean Daredevilry


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Interested in some epicurean daredevilry?

If you’ve always wanted to try the taco stand on the corner or that alleycat shack with “BBQ” painted over the doorway- but were afraid to admit it-  the SketchDining team supports you. SketchDiners actively seek out local diners, cafes, stands and other eateries which lack a star rating and possibly a restaurant license. We proudly patronize places with one or more of following attributes:

  • Located near or under highway overpasses
  • Bars on window(s)
  • No windows
  • Asphalt landscaping
  • Spray-painted artwork on facade
  • Plastic… anything
  • Pawn shop in immediate surroundings
  • Operates from a roving location

The team currently gathers once a month at various eateries throughout the Salt Lake county area but is open to whenever and wherever team members feel like gathering (especially if a particularly fine specimen of sketchiness, because of hours or location, dictates the need).

Drop a comment or email (sketchdining [at] gmail [dot] com) to get yourself on the team roster and receive email updates on our upcoming eating adventures.


We’re Connected

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Because this idea was hatched on Twitter by a group of foodies who eat social media for breakfast*, SketchDining can also be found invading the following online communties:



and of course, Twitter:

*Author does not take this claim upon herself


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We just got our very own url (didja notice that? Thanks for doing the dirty work, Ryan!) and we’re celebrating Sketchstyle at Coachmans this Wednesday for some long-awaited sketchy eating. This is one place we’ve heard not to miss- bring some cash (they don’t accept credit cards) & come decide for yourself!

Wednesday, March 23 · 7:00pm – 9:00pm

1301 S State St, Salt Lake City, UT

More Info
Their latest Health Department inspection yielded 5 critical and 22 non-critical violations.

See you there!