An Adventure in Epicurean Daredevilry


In About on March 21, 2011 at 12:29 pm

Interested in some epicurean daredevilry?

If you’ve always wanted to try the taco stand on the corner or that alleycat shack with “BBQ” painted over the doorway- but were afraid to admit it-  the SketchDining team supports you. SketchDiners actively seek out local diners, cafes, stands and other eateries which lack a star rating and possibly a restaurant license. We proudly patronize places with one or more of following attributes:

  • Located near or under highway overpasses
  • Bars on window(s)
  • No windows
  • Asphalt landscaping
  • Spray-painted artwork on facade
  • Plastic… anything
  • Pawn shop in immediate surroundings
  • Operates from a roving location

The team currently gathers once a month at various eateries throughout the Salt Lake county area but is open to whenever and wherever team members feel like gathering (especially if a particularly fine specimen of sketchiness, because of hours or location, dictates the need).

Drop a comment or email (sketchdining [at] gmail [dot] com) to get yourself on the team roster and receive email updates on our upcoming eating adventures.

  1. My best sketch dining adventure was with some friends at work. We check out Grinders 13 on State Street. Probably not ever mentioned on any review site but a Salt Lake City legend none the less. Check out Grinders for some legit Cheesesteak:

  2. Loving the sketchiness here.

  3. Becky, on the FB fan page, we’re keeping track of all restaurant suggestions. Are you on there?

    Megan, so glad. =)

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